The Netherlands

The Netherlands as is the preferred name, is predominantly flat, very flat.
There are hills in Arnhem, Nijmegen and the Limburg province but nothing compared to my area of the world, Yorkshire. When we get up in a morning, just like the cat in the picture, we have a wonderful view of hills with sheep, cows and horses. The neighbour’s holly tree has since been hacked down unceremoniously by another neighbour who was sick of it blocking his view. We can watch clouds sailing past, majestically like galleons on a big blue sea. That’s providing the clouds are not too low. In which case we just see clouds.

All this and I want to live in the Netherlands. I’ll happily swap the hills of Yorkshire for the flat lands of the Netherlands.
England is no longer the beautiful country I once knew. It’s changed. It’s dirty, there’s litter everywhere and the current mentality in England is that of intolerance, racism and ignorance.
What is Britishness? Arrogance, that’s what it’s always been. We’re all mixed race and of foreign blood anyway. The British Isles has been invaded by Normans, Saxons, Danes, Celts, Romans, Vikings, French and Scots. We have a rich diversity of cultures, people to whom we owed a debt to for fighting with us against fascism; from the West Indies, India, Burma, Pakistan and many other commonwealth countries. We have taken in refugees displaced by wars, as have every other civilised country in the world but to listen to some idiots you’d think we’d taken everybody in. Totally brainwashed by right wing press and the Tory party.
Anyway, that’s enough about British problems.

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