The Netherlands in Pictures.

Holland or The Netherlands as it should be called, is predominantly flat, very flat.
There are hills in Arnhem, Nijmegen and the Limburg province but nothing compared to my area of the world, Yorkshire. When we get up in a morning, just like the cat in the picture, we have a wonderful view of hills, sheep & cows on the hills. We can watch clouds sailing past, majestically like sailing ships on a big blue sea. That’s providing the clouds are not too low. In which case we just see clouds.
All this, and I want to live in the Netherlands. I’d gladly swap the hills of Yorkshire for the flatlands of the Netherlands. England is no longer the beautiful country I once knew. It’s changed. It’s dirty, there’s litter everywhere and there is a lack of respect for both people and the places where we live. Presently there is a culture of hatred towards anyone not perceived to be British. What is Britishness? We’re all bloody foreigners. The British Isles has been invaded by Normans, Saxons, Danes, Celts, Romans, French and Scots.