It took a long time, but eventually I found a best friend, she is Dutch.
Since the year 2000 we have lived together and travelled together.
Every year except one since 2000, we have been to Holland for a holiday and to visit family and friends. I have lots of new friends, they are all Dutch. I have learnt Dutch, in reality I should be fluent but we have lived all this time in Yorkshire so English is our shared language. I do speak a bit of Dutch, mainly in Holland where it would be impolite not to at least try. The trouble with the Dutch is, as soon as they pick up that you are English, which doesn’t take very long, seconds infact, they immediately break into English either to help you out or I reckon in most cases, to show how proficient they are with the English language.
Why Helaas Pindakaas? Well, I found it out not long back and it appealed to my sense of humour and inquisitive nature. It’s a throw away comment like “too bad” or “hard luck”.